Corporate Philosophy

Our themes are the environment, safety and peace of mind: we aim to be a "Happiness Creation Company".

In our policy of aiming to be a "Happiness Creation Company" we state below "four rules of happiness".

In response to the changes in our society with its increased orientation towards environmental protection and food safety,one of these rules "Taking the environment, safety and peace of mind as our themes, it is our basic aim to work with ourcustomers to contribute to the happiness of the consumer." represents a fresh addition to our company philosophy.

In other words, while giving due regard to the environment we aim to fulfill our responsibilities to society by creating"happiness" for the consumer through the enhancement of food quality.

Including us company members, consumers' needs are various: safety, peace of mind, health, delicious taste, nature, authenticity,hygiene, environment etc. Our aim is to continue to provide enhancements to food quality by always thinking from the consumer's point of view.


Commercial Refrigerators & Freezers

The chillers boast of a substantial reduction in running cost and in CO2. Emissions,which means that they are eco-friendly and kitchen-friendly alike. We are redoubling efforts to achieve better energy-saving rates in a more positive way.


Refrigerated & Freezer Showcase

Refrigerated and freezer showcases account for approximately 60% of the electricity used in a store. Switching energy saving refrigeration and freezer equipment is effective in reducing the amount of electricity used by the entire store.

Commercial Ice Machines

Excellent water-saving and power-saving performance.

Dough Conditioner

A dough conditioner is enabling operations before baking such as Thawing and Fermentation of frozen dough, etc., to be conducted in a short time with maintaining dough in a good condition.

Blast Chiller

A blast chiller removes heat from hot foods and cools and freezes the food.


Corporate Overview

Company name 




Incorporated     1951年12月8日

Capital              JPY2,760,000,000

Employees        1,993(2017.3)


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